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Secret Harbour Chiropractic

We all strive to live life to our maximum potential, no matter whether we are a parent, professional, student or athlete.

We are a family orientated clinic and are dedicated to improving your health. Pain, daily stressors, poor posture, and lifestyle choices can affect your overall health and wellness.

Our chiropractors, Dr. Jean-Paul Nunis and Dr. Lisa Jones, utilise chiropractic techniques to reduce symptoms and improve musculoskeletal and nervous system function. We can also offer you advice to maximise your results, helping you reach your goals for a healthier life!

Our friendly staff will make you feel welcome from your very first visit and will endeavour to deliver quality service so you can experience the benefits from chiropractic care.


We may assist with

Spinal Function & Posture - SHC.png
Spinal Function & Posture
Back & Neck Pain - SHC.png
Back & Neck Pain
Headaches - SHC.png
Sciatica - SHC.png
Pregnancy & Postnatal Care - SHC.png
Pregnancy & Postnatal chiropractic Care
Infant and Children's Chiro Care - SHC.png
Infant & Children's Chiropractic Care
Sports Injury Management - SHC.png
Sports Injury Management
Geriatric Spinal Care - SHC.png
Geriatric Spinal Care

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