Dr. Lisa Jones


B.Sc (Chiro), B.Chiro, GD ABM

Dr. Jones has competed her post graduate Diploma in Animal Biomechanical Medicine (ABM), making her one a small number of qualified animal chiropractors in Australia. She is passionate about improving the quality of life of our furry family members too!


The core principal of ABM is the identification of biomechanical dysfunction anywhere in the body and the application of therapies, most often manually applied, to return the patient’s body to best possible function – promoting optimum performance of that individual. The severity and chronicity of pre-existing pathology will influence the degree of recovery that is possible. Animal Biomechanical Medicine treatment ranges from manual techniques typical of Chiropractic, through a large range of soft tissue massage & release techniques, to non-force neurological influencing techniques such as fascial and respiratory releases, which are derived more from Osteopathy.

The need for ABM care for a vast range of animals is fast growing, particularly with the growing awareness of manual/physical therapies, and their benefits, not only by animal owners, but also by professional trainers & managers, as well as other service providers to animals. Dr. Jones will work in conjunction with your qualified veterinarian to provide your pet with the best care possible.

Dr. Jones will be seeing animals on a part time basis as she also sees patients of the two-legged variety at her practice in Baldivis.

Reference: http://www.abmprof.com.au/

*NB. Dr. Jones is not a qualified veterinarian and not see all cases – in some instances veterinary referral will be neccessary.